Best Apollo TV Alternatives: Get Top Movies and Shows

Best Apollo TV Alternatives

Apollo TV is a great option for live TV streaming, but it’s not the only one. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Apollo TV alternatives. These options offer a range of features and services that may be a better fit for your needs. So, whether you’re looking for something with more channels or better streaming quality, there’s sure to be an alternative here that suits you. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Apollo TV Alternative for Movies & Shows

Apollo TV is not the only app that is popular. These apps are just as good or better than Apollo TV. Here is the list below.

1. Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD is still one of the most loved streaming apps for Movies and Shows. It is a great alternative to Apollo Group TV. Moreover, it has an extensive content library and runs smoothly on all Android devices including FireStick. Cinema HD V2 also pulls tons of streaming links.

2. Nova TV APK

Nova TV is easily one the best Apollo TV alternatives. The app is easy to use and can fetch high-quality streaming links. The app has a large content library and fluid navigation. It is one of the top Apollo TV alternatives.

3. Titanium TV

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is a working copy of Terrarium TV’s streaming APK. Titanium has the exact same layout, settings, and interface as Terrarium TV. You can also use MX Player to stream videos and have tons of sources for a great streaming experience. You can also access Live TV to access different TV channels around the world.

4. Morpheus TV

This Apk is a freeware program that allows you to stream TV shows and movies for free. Trakt integrates with it to automatically track what you’re watching. When streaming videos with Morpheus TV, Trakt runs in the background. Morpheus TV APK Download Morpheus TV APK for Android Devices.

5. Cat Mouse APK

Catmouse APK

CatMouse APK lets you stream your favorite TV series, movies, and series from your home via your smartphone or tablet. All entertainment content can be accessed for free, and you don’t have to worry about annoying ads. You can download videos to your device and create a media library that includes HD video content.

6. Fubo TV

FuboTV is known for live streaming sports and lives TV. It is a popular destination for sports fans from around the globe. FuboTV’s biggest problem is its subscription fee. Many people can’t afford it.

7. Cyberflix TV

CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix TV is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services. It offers high-quality online content. You can enjoy both the most recent and older movies and shows. Cyberflix TV is continuously updated to provide the best possible experience for its users. It is compatible with Firestick devices and is remote-friendly. The app is also easy to use.

Apollo TV APK Download for Android & Firestick

  • You need to enter the following address: and start the download on your Android & Firestick.

How to Watch Apollo IPTV on iOS / Android?

  • Open the App Store or Play Store on your Android/iOS phone.
  • Search for Startup Shows Using the Search Bar
  • Install Startup Show on your device.
  • After the Startup Show app has been installed, you can open it on either your Android or iOS phone.
  • After completing the signup, send the Apollo M3U URL to your email address.
  • Click here to download

Apollo TV IPTV now allows you to stream your favorite movies, shows, and channels.

Prices and Plans for Apollo TV

Apollo IPTV offers a variety of packages that allow customers to view TV on their mobile devices and computers. In the past, Apollo IPTV offered a free 10-day trial.

The company offers TV service in four plans: one, three, and six months. You can also get a 10-day free trial before you need to pay anything. The Apollo Group plans start at $24.99 and go down if you sign up for a longer-term (topping out at just under $13 per month when you sign-up for a full year).


Here we go through the best alternatives to Apollo TV. From Cinema HD to Cyberflix TV, each alternative is worthy enough to make this list. We hope you will get what you need with these Apollo TV alternatives. Take a step ahead and let the chilling begin.

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